We, at la Maison Dosnon, believe that there is no container more beautiful for a Grand Vin de Champagne than an oak barrel.

Vinification takes place for the most part in contact with wood, followed by an optimum aging process, with the goal in mind of developing complex and full champagnes while preserving their finesse and their purity with a low dosage.

Our “Récoltes” are vinified and aged in 228-litre barrels made of burgundian oak from Puligny-Montrachet. Effectively, only the wood regulates the communication between the wine and atmospheric oxygen, which favors the natural maturation of the champagnes and bestows them with their complexity.

The barrels are a minimum of 5 years old, conferring neither tannins nor the flavour of wood to the wine.

However, according to the variety of the grapes and the years, the weaker or less-structured wines must ferment in tanks to awaken their freshness, their acidity, and their fruit.

After tasting and analysis, we procede to select between the wines that will be vinified sous bois and those that will be in tanks, always in the smallest proportion.