In order to meet these high standards of quality, we run an intentional and careful viticulture. The vineyards are turfed with enough groundcover to ensure the health of the microbes in the soil; the soil is tilled and ployed for proper aeration, and no chemicals are ever applied.

La Maison Dosnon also use Grands crus and Premier crus pruning techniques: permanent Royat cordon for Pinot Noir and cane double for Chardonnay. Such short pruning techniques control yields, while limiting the amount of manure fertilizer in June limits the vigor of the vines. We also trim the vines in June to control their vigor.

The grapes are always harvested by hand, so that the optimum level of maturity can be selected.

To crush the grapes, we use a vertical presser, also known as traditional presser. During the extraction process, their design reduces the movement of the grapes to a minimum, releasing the finest, least-stained and perfectly lucid juices.