* Récolte Noire, Blanc de Noirs, composed of 100% Pinot Noir.

« The Récolte Noire is clear with a pale yellow color. The fine, rapid bubbles form a regular and persistent ring.

Intense to the nose, one detects the aroma of brioches with hints of wine. To the tongue, this wine is fatty at first taste, and is nuanced with subtle notes of apple and pear. One discerns the delicate bubbles with a slightly bitter finish.

A true pleasure for this Récolte Noire, one appreciates the balance of the flavors and the accuracy of its elaboration, true to the identity of the terroir and a low dosage.

The perfect accompaniment to braised Castilian lamb, anchovy crumble, and pot-au-feu vegetables aux Guindillas (with Cédric Béchade’s Auberge Basque).